The University of Iowa


After years of service, we say goodbye to esteemed faculty who leave an indelible mark on the college, their field, and countless students.

Nick Colangelo, black and white photograph
Nicholas Colangelo

Dean Nicholas Colangelo will be remembered not only as a pioneer in gifted education, but as a dean whose leadership advanced the college in countless ways.    

Sam Cochran, black and white photograph
Sam Cochran

At University Counseling Services, Sam Cochran was a leader in suicide prevention work on campus. In addition to his clinical work, Cochran was also an influential scholar.

Ron Fielder, black and white photograph
Ron Fielder

Ron Fielder’s passionate career is marked by innovation and his exceptional guidance as an educator and leader.

Linda Fielding, black and white photograph
Linda Fielding

Linda Fielding influenced countelss students during her time serving the College of Education for over 25 years as associate chair of the Division of Curriculum and Instruction, associate dean of Teacher Education and Student Services, and as an associate professor of Elementary Education and Language, Literacy, and Culture.    

Kit Gerken, black and white photograph
Kathryn “Kit" Gerken

Kit Gerken has made an indelible mark on the field of school psychology, but she will also be remembered for her connections with international and diverse college students.

Marcus Haack, black and white photograph
Marcus Haack

Marcus Haack retired in the summer or 2015 from the College of Education, but his work continues to impact many students.

Jo Hendrickson, black and white photograph
Jo Hendrickson

Since joining the faculty in 1989, Jo Hendrickson has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of students with intellectual disabilities. 

Ellie Herman, black and white photograph
Ellie Herman 

After 26 years of service to the College of Education and its sudents, Ellie Herman, clinical professor and coordinator of field experiences for the Deparment of Teaching and Learning, is retiring.

Susan Lagos Lavenz, black and white photograph
Susan Lagos Lavenz

In her time with the college, Susan Lagos Lavenz paved the way for innovation and ideas to strengthen the entire organization through her roles as clinical associate professor and associate dean of teacher education and student services.

Chet Rzonca, black and white photograph
Chet Rzonca

Chet Rzonca has been a leader at the University of Iowa since joining the faculty in 1972. 

Vilia Tarvydas, black and white photograph
Villa Tarvydas

Through Vilia Tarvydas’ work at the college, as well as the many hours spent traveling to clinics to consult physicians and clients, she influenced not only the practice of rehabilitation counseling, but the ethics and standards of the field.

Volker Thomas, black and white photograph
Volker Thomas

Behind all of Thomas’ success in his career at the college is his commitment to use his privileges to help those who are oppressed or disadvantaged.

John Westefeld, black and white photograph
John Westefeld

John Westefeld’s work in the college was marked by passion for his students and the subjects he studied, and he leaves a legacy of making a difference in the lives of many.