The University of Iowa

Ron Fielder

Ron Fielder, black and white photograph
Ron Fielder’s 40-year education career has encompassed a wide variety of roles. Most recently, he has served the College of Education since 2011, teaching as a clinical professor and leading the superintendent preparation program.

But long before Fielder joined the college, he was a leader in education throughout the state of Iowa. He has served as a teacher, principal, special education director, chief executive officer of the Grant Wood Area Education Agency, as an executive council member for the Association of Educational Service Agencies, and charter president of the organization’s national foundation.  

Before becoming a faculty-member, Fielder also collaborated with the college. He created the Contemporary School Leadership program for current and future education professionals, and for his exceptional work, Fielder received the college’s Excellence in Educational Leadership Award in 2003.

“Ron is a creative and highly effective contributor to the improvement of school administrator preparation for today's schools," says retired professor, Larry Bartlett.

As leader of the superintendent preparation program at the college, Fielder used his extensive experience to guide students and professionals to facilitate strategic plans, leadership development, and conflict resolution.

Because of his experience and wealth of knowledge, Fielder has served as an exceptional leadership and educational role model for his students.

“Ron has been a champion for his students, programs, and courses” says former student, and assistant principal of Bettendorf High School, Joy Kelly. “What is most impressive about him is the manner in which he consistently demonstrates a willingness to accept responsibility for student outcomes  He is goal oriented and encourages students to identify and meet goals equal to their potential.”

Fielder’s passionate career is marked by innovation and his exceptional guidance as an educator and leader.

​​“Ron's ability to forecast challenges and problems enables him to support his students in meaningful and compassionate ways,” Kelly says. “He is incredibly knowledgeable and approachable, and he relates to students and colleagues in a manner that promotes trust and mutual respect.”

Fielder’s career is one that not only benefitted the college, but education throughout the state of Iowa and beyond.