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Daniel L. Clay
Dan Clay

Clay is a nationally recognized scholar and fellow of the American Educational Research Association and the American Psychological Association. Clay has authored the award-winning book, Helping Schoolchildren with Chronic Health Conditions: A Practical Guide. He also is a successful entrepreneur involved in business startups inside and outside education. Daniel L. Clay is leaving his position as the dean of the University of Missouri College of Education, a role he has held since 2010, to serve as the next dean of the University of Iowa College of Education. 

Clay holds numerous administrative and leadership positions, including serving on the Missouri Innovation Center board of directors; Chancellor’s Looking Forward 200 Steering Committee; College of St. Scholastica board of trustees; Thompson Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities board of directors; Chancellor’s Budget Allocation Advisory Committee; and MU Strategic Operating Plan Committee. 

He will start at the University of Iowa College of Education on July 1, 2016, and will succeed Nicholas Colangelo, who has served as dean since 2012. 

“I am thrilled to return to the College of Education at Iowa and honored to serve in this leadership role. Dean Colangelo has done a fantastic job working with faculty and staff to set the college on a great trajectory. Iowa City is a special place for me and my family, and we are eager to return and renew our relationships with our Iowa community.”

Lois J. Gray
Lois Gray

Lois J. Gray joined the College of Education as its interim director of strategic communication on Feb. 22, bringing more than 20 years of experience in media relations, communications, and marketing as well as a passion for education. 

A University of Iowa alumnus with a master’s degree in journalism, Gray has worked as a reporter and editor at several Midwestern media outlets. She has worked at the University of Iowa since 1995, first as director of external relations for International Programs and as the assistant director of University News Services, where she also partnered with the College of Education as its communication specialist for 8 years. She has also served as editor for Iowa Now and as a senior communications writer/editor. 

New Faculty 

From researching the undergraduate experience, to advocating for the academic success of marginalized populations through counseling, to leading Iowa’s efforts in reading assessment and instruction, the college of education’s new faculty are leaders, scholars, and innovators in their fields. Along with their research interests and expertise, they bring talent and energy to impact students, colleagues, and the community. 

Ariel Aloe 

Assistant Professor, Educational Measurement and Statistics 

Ariel Aloe received his Ph.D. from Florida State University. His areas of expertise include research synthesis, meta-analysis, and mixed-models. 

“I am happy to be joining a program with such a rich history and legacy,” Aloe says. 

Gerta Bardhoshi 

Assistant Professor, Counselor Education and Supervision 

Gerta Bardhoshi received her Ph.D. from George Washington University. Her research areas pertain to counselor burnout, self-efficacy, and identifying effective tools for counseling measurement. 

“I am excited to help advance the next generation of school counselors, counselor educators, and counseling researchers,” Bardhoshi says. 

Nicholas A. Bowman 

Associate Professor, Higher Education and Student Affairs 

Director, Center for Research in Undergraduate Education 

Nicholas Bowman received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. His research interests include college diversity experiences, religion/ worldview in higher education, quantitative assessment of student outcomes and experiences, college rankings and perceptions of quality, and student retention and graduation. 

“I am excited to join Iowa’s well-regarded faculty and to lead CRUE, which has been one of the most productive higher education research centers in the United States,” Bowman says. 

Kimberly Datchuk 

Visiting Assistant Professor/Curator of Art, Art Education/UI Museum of Art 

Kimberly Musial Datchuk received her Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University. Through teaching, mentoring, and planning exhibitions, Datchuk works closely with students, artists, and the public to ensure art remains a vital part of our lives. 

“I enjoy working closely with art education students and helping instructors incorporate art into a variety of courses at the University of Iowa Museum of Art,” Datchuk says. 

Shawn Datchuk 

Assistant Professor, Special Education 

Shawn Datchuk received his Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University. He has served as a special education teacher, director of special education, and district-level administrator. His research interests include writing interventions for students with academic difficulties and/or disabilities, data-based decision making, and explicit instruction. 

“I’m thrilled to be a part of this dynamic, world-renowned research institution,” Datchuk says. 

(Dennis) Martin Kivlighan, III 

Assistant Professor, Counseling Psychology 

Martin Kivlighan received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research, teaching, and advocacy interests are in the areas of group process and dynamics, psychotherapy process and outcomes, the academic success and persistence of marginalized populations, and training multi-culturally competent therapists. 

“I am excited to join the collegial and world-renown faculty in the College of Education and to work with the engaged and vibrant student body,” Kivlighan says. 

Rossina Zamora Liu 

Clinical Assistant Professor, Language, Literacy, and Culture 

Rossina Zamora Liu received her M.F.A. and her Ph.D. from the University of Iowa. She is also faculty fellow in the Provost’s Office of Outreach and Engagement, the director of the Writing Resource in the College of Education, the founder and facilitator of the Community Stories Writing Workshop at Shelter House, and a member on the Iowa Youth Writing Project Community Advisory Council. Her work focuses on public literacy, equity and access in education, and writing across disciplines. 

“The College of Education has many socially conscious, talented faculty members committed to public engagement scholarship,” Liu says. “It’s exciting to have the opportunity to build on what it means to teach writing and to be a writer in a UNESCO City of Literature.” 

Leslie Ann Locke 

Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership 

Leslie Ann Locke received her Ph.D. from Texas A&M University. Her research interests include social justice, schooling for students from historically marginalized groups, and equity-oriented education policy. She is also a director of the Research Initiative on Social Justice and Equity (RISE). 

“Here, I am able to focus on my social justice-related scholarship, while working with world-class faculty, students, and facilities,” Locke says. 

Deborah K. Reed 

Associate Professor, Special Education 

Director, Iowa Reading Research Center 

Deborah Reed earned her Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. She was a secondary school teacher and reading specialist for 10 years and has been a researcher for 12 years, studying reading assessment, instruction, and intervention. 

“I look forward to working in the College of Education’s and state of Iowa’s highly collaborative environment,” Reed says. 

Barry A. Schreier 

Clinical Professor, Counseling Psychology 

Director, University Counseling Service 

Barry Schreier is a licensed counseling psychologist with a Ph.D. from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He has worked in counseling centers at Auburn, Purdue, Princeton, and Connecticut universities. 

“It is a privilege to work with the College of Education because of its commitment to multiculturalism, national reputation, and students who are so bright, civic-minded, and energetic,” Schreier says. 

Quincy R. Smiling 

Visiting Assistant Professor, Rehabilitation Counseling 

Smiling received his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa and is a licensed clinical addictions specialist. After time as a faculty member, Smiling established his own rehabilitation clinic, focusing on vocational rehabilitation, mental health, substance abuse, and healthcare management. 

“I hope to empower my students by advocating on their behalf, holding each accountable for their own advancements, and challenging them to excel,” Smiling says. 

Joyce Tsai 

Clinical Associate Professor/Curator of Art, Art Education/UI Museum of Art 

Prior to joining the College of Education, Joyce Tsai was an assistant professor of modern and contemporary art at the University of Florida. Her research and teaching engage questions of art, abstraction, politics, and technology in the 20th century as well as the history and philosophy of art education. 

Tsai looks forward to developing courses that investigate the use of new technology in art education in the classroom and museum context. 

Charlotte Wieck 

Visiting Assistant Professor, School Psychology 

Charlotte Wieck received her Ph.D. from Iowa State University. Her professional experience includes practice as a school psychologist and challenging behavior interventionist, consultant for the Iowa Department of Education, and faculty/ program coordinator in the University of Northern Iowa School Psychology Program. 

“I chose the University of Iowa because it gives me the opportunity to help train the next generation of school psychologists in a highly respected program,” Wieck says.